From the moment we are born the amino-acid L-arginine plays a significant part in the growth of our skeleton and the reproduction of our cells. L-arginine is a semi-essential amino acid. This means that our body produces L-arginine itself. It will produce it sufficiently until we are fully grown. After that the body produces less and less of this amino acid, L-arginine, and the aging process starts.

The consumption of L-arginine at that point but especially at higher age has measurable effect on anti-aging and overall body function.
L-arginine qualities benefits everyone and offers a way to gain some control over the process of aging by; regaining and maintaining vascular vitality, reversal of age related symptoms of cellular metabolism and enhances an overall sense of wellbeing through improved deep sleep. This deep sleep also increases your growth hormone and boosts your immune function.

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  • Advances Cellular Regeneration
  • Anti-Osteoporosis
  • Enhances the Immune System
  • Promotes Deep Sleep
  • Stimulation of the release of growth hormone, which has anti-aging properties.
  • It prevents and reduce the effects of osteoporosis by the positive influence of the bone mass.
  • Maintains bone density by stimulating growth hormone production.
  • Enhances cognitive ability.
  • It improves memory, especially the long memory and can reduce the effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s.
  • It improves the communication of messenger cells between nerves and the brain.
  • Improves sperm production and motility.
Despite the great things that are being said about L-arginine, basic oraladministration of L-arginine alone does not trigger all of the benefits of the amino acid to play a significant role in the body. After the we are fully grown the body hardly produces and absorbs L-arginine. If you only take basic oral supplementation of L-arginine your body will not sufficiently absorb it. In order to get the body to absorb L-arginine it has to be released slowly into the body. Recover-Me is a special formula that maximises the absorption of L-arginine into the body.


Increases your Performance

Your physical and mental performance will improve by using Recover-Me, Anti-Aging. Due to the increased blood flow, your body will recover faster during and after exercise. It also enhances your mental focus. The increased production of growth hormone will also help boost your overall performance by initiating your body to switch in to a ‘build-up’ state, which translates into more lean body mass (muscle mass) and less fat storage!


Degeneration of our body is an un-evitable process. One of the reasons for this is that the cells in our body are reproduced over and over again and that this reproduction never has the same ‘quality’ as the original cell and so you age. L-arginine is a semi-essential amino acid ,until long bone growth is completed (after 23 years), our body produces enough l-arginine. After that the body stops assimilating arginine and the aging process starts.
The consumption of L-arginine at that point but especially at higher age has measurable effect on anti-aging and overall body function.
L-arginine qualities benefits everyone and offers a way to gain some control over the process of aging by regaining of maintaining vascular vitality, reversal of age related symptoms of cellular metabolism and enhances an overall sense of wellbeing through improved deep sleep. This deep sleep also increases your growth hormone, on top of boosting your immune function. The combination of ingredients in the right proportion in Recover-Me maximises the absorption of L-arginine.

Growth hormone

As the age rises, the pituitary gland produces less and less growth hormone. As a result, the capacity to regenerate (for example connective tissue, musculature, bone tissue, wound healing) decreases. At the same time, the immune system also loses an important stimulus, Produce T lymphocytes, which can greatly reduce the immune function and, for example, cause infections after strenuous exercise or stress. The release of extra amounts of growth hormone can lead to the burning of depot fat and the formation of more powerful muscles.

Lysine also appears to stimulate growth hormone in combination with L-arginine. The combination of L-arginine and L-lysine is often used to promote physical recovery after intensive stress. In addition, this combination supports the body’s own regenerative capacity, so that the immune system continues to function optimally.

Optimises your Sleep

Recover-Me improves the sleep pattern by increasing the level of nitric oxide in the blood. This has an opposite effect of caffeine: the body is brought to sleep more quickly, you often sleep deeper. By taking Recover-Me at night it not only promotes the Anti-Aging effect but also supports cognitive ability and memory.

Increases your over-all well-being

The ingredients in Recover-Me increase blood flow throughout the body, which increase the warmth in your hands and feet and increase your libido and sensitivity. The natural inhibition to release Growth Hormone will be lowered, which has definite anti-aging effects over time. Due to higher GH levels, the body will remain longer in a ‘build-up’ state and will therefore stay leaner with less fat storage and produce more energy.

Sexual function

Increasing the arginine intake increases the nitric oxide level in the blood. Nitric oxide relaxes blood vessel walls and thus improves blood circulation throughout the body, including those in the penis.  Furthermore, Arginine elevates the concentration of nitric oxide, which increases the arterial elasticity. This effect can reduce blood pressure and improve erectile processes.  Along with this, nutrients and oxygen can be transported at a faster pace to the organs, which has an overall positive effect on potency, endurance and sexual performance.

Better memory and cognitive ability

The combination of higher nitric-oxide levels in the brain and teh realeas of  amino-acid L-pidolate can bring the memory and cognitive ability to a higher level.  You will experience more focus, alertness, concentration and memory. Studies have also shown improvement of learning capabilities.


Why Recover-Me unique?

Despite the great things that are being said about L-arginine, basic oral administration of L-arginine alone does not trigger all of the benefits of the “miracle molecule” to play a significant role in the body. After the the long bone growth has stopped the body hardly absorbs arginine. The combination of ingredients in the right proportion in Recover-Me maximizes the absorption of L-arginine.

After studying existing products on the market we deliberately choose to only use ingredients that are scientifically proven to work well together.
The formulation of Recover-Me has been kept as simple as possible to avoid counter effects that often occur whenever unrelated and incompatible ingredients are blend together. Focus has always been on positive impact rather than creating an “impressive” label with a long list of ingredients.

Mixing ingredients that are not scientifically tested in a blended form exposes the consumer to unwanted side effects or no effect at all. (Even if these ingredients are individually proven to be safe or effective to various levels).

Recover-Me  enhances all the beneficial effect of: L-arginine (L-pidolate),  L-glutamine and L-lysine combined with a low glycemic delivery system.

The focus of Recover-Me is to increase the L-arginine levels in the body and the brain, in order to increase nitric oxide production and to increase growth hormone levels, in order to slow down the aging process. The available L-arginine found in the body arises from the transformation of the L-arginine L-pidolate and by L-glutamine (which is converted to L-citrulline and later on into L-arginine). The L-arginine L-pidolate can cross the blood-brain barrier more easily, which accounts for the higher L-arginine levels in the brain.


In Recover Me the combination of amino acids are many times more powerful than naturally common antioxidant in the body.

More reasons to use Recover-Me

  1. Recover-Me is a unique blend of amino acids and a carrier that enables controlled conversion of the amino acids into Nitric Oxide (NO). It maximizes the absorption of L-arginine into the body.
  2. The formulation of Recover-Me is also unique in connecting several amino acids, a complex carbohydrate to prolong absorption, while remaining Low Glycemic.
  3. We use the right kind of L-arginine, Pidolate, (the salt of L-arginine) which in combination with L-Lysine the absorption of L-arginine increases. Lysine and arginine should not be taken together if the are of the *L* form, because L-arginine and L-Lysine compete for the same receptors. However L-arginine Pidolate attaches to a different receptor and allows a synergistic effect between the two.
  4. Recover-Me is unique in its night time administration. The main reason Recover-Me was developed is to offer a supplement that has scientific proven medical beneficial impact, that via night-time use, as to cross the brain barrier, cell-regeneration is optimised.
  5. For anti-aging and deep-sleep effect we don’t use citrulline but instead we added L-glutamine which protects the stomach lining and is steps removed from converting into Nitric Oxide.
  6. For quality reasons, it is made in Europe, in a facility that adheres to the strictest regulatory guidelines. We use only the highest available pharmaceutical grade ingredients to ensure consistent quality and full customs satisfaction.

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Mear enerzjy mei Recover-Me


Ik bin 85 jier âld en ik brûke Recover-Me foar in skoft. Nei in tiid wist ik dat ik waard fitter en krige mear enerzjy. Nei't ik serieus krige waard, wreide ik hurder as elkenien gedachte. Ik tink dat ik, om't ik myn moanne Recover-Me nimme mocht, dat jo my de stap krije koe om my troch it bêd te heljen om't myn immunsysteem in grutte ympuls hie. Ek yn it sikehûs haw ik elke dei nommen, om myn weromfining te befoarderjen, Recover-Me, it momint dat ik koe en wer. It wie echt in wûnder hoe gau't ik werhelle. Fansels ek troch myn wil en goede soarch dy't ik krige. Ik tink it my op 'e nij werom nei elkenien. Ik hâld it alle dagen op syn minst. ANTON
In pear moanne lyn hearden wy oer Recover-Me en har wittenskiplik bewearde foardielen. Wy wisten gewoan it besykje! Fan it begjin ôf fûnen wy beide dat we in soad djipper sliepe. Ik fiel my folle mear enerzjy. Ik tink dat it in moaie idee is dat ik de agingproside ferbrekke en ik fiel dat myn hûd better wurdt. Myn bloeddruk is ferdwûn en it is geweldich dat ik myn lichem helpe kin myn fassilêrsysteem reinigje. Sûnder twifel is Recover-Me goed foar elkenien. Carlos en Maria
Recover-Me is echt in topnachtprodukt en elkenien dy't sûnenssoarch it nimme moat. Gjin fraach oer it! Jo sille mear enerzjy fiele! Carmen
Ik sjoch yn myn praktyk in protte pasjinten mei hege bloeddruk. Ik jou har altyd advisearje om geselliger te iten, om mear bewegen te dwaan en Recover-Me Vascular te nimmen. It sil jo bloeddruk op natuerlike manier ferleegje en hat gjin allinich effekten. Ik advisearje Rekken-Me Fascular foar elkenien! Dr. Ashwan
Ik bin Dr. Frank en yn myn praktyk besykje ik myn pasjinten te stimulearjen om in gesellich libben te libjen. Myn Griene is dat dit har leefberens ferbetterje sil. Ik besykje myn pasjinten te hâlden, as it mooglik is fan medikaasje, om't dat altyd side-effekten hat. As ik hearde oer Recover-Me en de positive eigenskippen hat it op it arterysteem lykas: ôfnimt bloeddruk, ferheging fan bloeddruk, it ferminderjen fan risiko fan hertynfloed en stok, fersterking arteriosklerose, ôfsluten fan besteande plaque, feroarjen fan cholesterolnivo en oer alles . Ik wie echt nijsgjirrich en tige ynteressearre. Dus, doe't ik begon ik mear oer te lêzen, kaam ik noch fassinearre en waard oertsjûge dat dit produkt de leefberens foar in soad fan myn pasjinten echt ferbetterje koe, om't it gjin allinich effekten hat. No in soad fan myn pasjinten brûke Recover-Me mei grutte súkses. Ik kin it echt it oan elkenien oanbean! Dr. Frank
It goede ding oer Recover-Me dat it ymmúnsysteem fersteurdt. Myn pasynden dy't weromnimme-Me nimt faker flugger werom fan in blessuere, benammen bûn blessueres. It ferwyt ek de reparaasje tiid fan beskeadige tissue, helpt om te ferheljen woundhealing en postoperative healing. Neist allinich hat it in stimulearjende effekt yn 'e behanneling fan brânstoffen. Dizze oanfolling echt my wurk en myn pasjinten binne lokkich! Ik kin it sterk advisearje foar elkenien! Dr. Yeahman
Recover-Me is in oanfolling dy't hat wittenskiplike befoardere ynfloed, dat troch de nacht-tiid gebrûk makket fan 'e harsensbalke en dêrfoar is sel regeneraasje optimisearre. It stimulearret ek de frijlitting fan groei hormone, dy't anti-aging-eigenskippen hat. As jo elke nacht nimme sil jo in ferskil nei in paar wiken fine. En wylst in bettere bloeddruk is, wurde jo organen better nourished. Jo leefberens ferbetterje! Jow it in probearje! Leanna
Ik ha medisinen nammers foar myn bloeddruk foar mear as 20 jier en it wie altyd heech, krekt op 'e grins. Sûnt in pear moanne haw ik it nimme, Recover-Me Vascular en myn ferrassing is myn bloeddruk oanwêzich foar in gewoane nivo fan bloeddruk. Ik bin oertsjûge dat Vascular Recover-Me de wichtichste faktor foar dizze drip is. En hiel wat! Marian
Ik gebrûk fan 'e werhelling-Me elke dei foar anty-aging om't ik myn spieren safolle brûke en sa sil ik de hiele dei aktyf bliuwe! Munoz
Hi, ik bin Simon en ik bin in tige drokke bedriuwslibben. In freon fertelde my oer Recover-Me en ried my oan om it te probearjen. En as de goede freon bin ik op syn advizen opfolge! It bliuwt dat hy in tige goeie freon is! My bloeddruk gie binnen wiken. Ik sliepe djipper en ferwiderje mear ferrjochte, myn enerzjynivo is opnommen. Myn memory hat ferbettere en ik fiel my mear fokus. Ik bin no dejinge dy't al myn freonen fertelt om Recover-Me te dwaan! Ja, dat is de goede freon bin ik! Simon
Hallo, ik bin Steve en ik woe jo fertelle dat ik wer in fassade opnij meidwaan. Myn soan kocht it foar my. Hy seit dat it reinigt de eieren en sjogge bloeddruk en skynt ek dyn cholesterolnivo ôf. It is alles goed mei my. Ik nim it krekt foar foardat se te sliepen. Ik moat sizze dat ik echt sliept is no djip no. Steve
Beauty komt fan binnen! Recover-Me stimulearret de stream fan bloed oan al jo organen. Jo hier en hûd wurde better better mei mear sauerstof brûkt. Nei in pear moannen sjogge jo ferbetterings yn 'e komplekse hûd fan jo hûd en jo hier sille sûnere. De unike sêftmoedigens stimulearret ek de produksje fan groei-hormone, dit sil jo sel jo regeneraasje optimisje en biedt jo in manier om gewoan kontrôle oer it proses fan aging te krijen. Jo lichem sil langer bliuwe yn in bou-steat. Jo fysike en mentale prestaasje sil ferbetterje troch mei te brûken Recover-Me, Theresa
Foar alle froulju hellet it risiko fan in stok of hertoanfall dramatysk nei de menopause. Myn mem hie in stok op 'e leeftyd fan 52 en dat altyd yn' e rêch fan myn geast stutsen. As ik learde oer Recover-Me en al har goede eigenskippen op it artery-systeem haw ik mysels in momint te sizzen om it te probearjen. Sûnt it opnimmen fan Myn-spier fiel ik folle feiliger. It idee dat myn arterijen gield wurde en dat myn bloeddruk regele wurdt oan it normale berik is tige treastlik. Tracy
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