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Frequently asked questions

  • Why does Recover-Me improve sleep patterns?

    Recover-Me improves the sleep pattern by increasing the level of nitric oxide in the blood. This has an opposite effect of caffeine: the body is brought to sleep more quickly, you often sleep deeper. By taking Recover-Me at night it not only promotes the Anti-Aging effect but also supports cognitive ability and memory.

    The release of Nitrous Oxide normalizes blood pressure, allowing for mild vascular dilation and improved blood flow, which in itself also leads to better nourishment of muscles and skin.

  • Why do I sleep better after taking Recover-Me and why do I feel rested after getting out of bed?

    The increased blood flow throughout the entire body, including the brain enhances the rejuvenating effects of Recover-Me

  • Does Recover-Me negatively affect my sleep?

    On the contrary, Recover-Me supports and deepens sleep and thus  improved recuperation. Many people use Recover-Me to enhance their sleep patterns.

  • Is Recover-Me dangerous for heart patients?

    We do not recommend that people with any type of serious heart condition use Recover-Me. In general heart patients should refrain from the use of caffeine, salt and any form of stimulants. For individuals with normal heart function there are absolutely no known instances of any adverse effects using Recover-Me. Furthermore, Recover-Me has a positive effect on the blood pressure. L-arginine is actually associated with cardiovascular health and overall stamina.

  • Are there any known side-effects?

    Recover-Me has active but very safe ingredients that helps the body regulate blood pressure and support the immune function, among several other positive characteristics. Individual dosing will lead to optimal benefits

  • Why do I feel more energetic?

    The increased blood flow triggered by Recover-Me enhances the metabolism of waste and nourishment of the cells.

  • My hands, feet and nose are warmer. How is that possible?

    Recover-Me contains ingredients that enhance circulation through the release of NO: Nitric Oxide and it is the Vasodilation that results in warmer extremities.

  • Does Recover-Me enrages the dormancy of the herpes virus?

    A low ratio of arginine to lysine may be of benefit in the treatment of herpes simplex virus. Speaking to those with Herpes we have not found Recover-Me to cause outbreaks if taken in doses between 1 to 4 scoops per 24 h. Those with herpes could enrage the virus if taking more. The lysine in Recover-Me neutralizes the HSV effect.

  • How does the ingredients in Recover-Me pass through the blood brain barrier?

    The BBB “Blood Brain Barrier” results from the selectivity of the tight junctions between endothelial cells in CNS vessels that restricts the passage of solutes.

    At the interface between blood and the brain, endothelial cells are stitched together, by these tight junctions, which are composed of smaller subunits, frequently biochemical dimers, that are transmembrane proteins such as occludin, claudins, junctional adhesion molecule (JAM), or ESAM, for example.

    The blood-brain barrier is composed of high-density cells restricting passage of substances from the bloodstream much more than endothelial cells in capillaries elsewhere in the body.

    Several areas of the human brain are not “behind” the BBB. These include the circumventricular organs.

    One example of this is the pineal gland, which secretes the hormone melatonin “directly into the systemic circulation” as this hormone can pass through the blood-brain barrier.

    Recover-Me ”piggy backs” on the substances Palatinose (Isomaltulose) through the BBB and thus in to the brain

  • Does Recover-Me influence my Hormone balance negatively?

    Recover-Me only regulates and restores natural levels of hormones, it does not cause any unnatural levels.

  • Does Recover-Me affect my blood sugar levels?

    Recover-Me does not or hardly change normal Glycemic Indexes. We have actually reasons to believe it improves them.

  • Is Recover-Me safe for Diabetics?

    Because Recover-Me contains a small amount of Isomaltulose per serving it hardly triggers any insulin response. We use Isomaltulose to create the perfect environment for the absorption of the active ingredients. While Isomaltulose is listed as a “Sugar” the actual Glycemic Impact (GI) is extremely low. But if any doubt arises, consult with your medical professional to avoid any confusion.

  • Will Recover-Me affect my immunity?

    Recover-Me will support your immune system in many ways. Those suffering from low immune function could benefit from Recover-Me.

  • I am an active person who loves to do sports; can Recover-Me help me improve my performance?

    All athletes we have spoken to who have taken Recover-Me report of major changes in their ability to decrease the time of muscle soreness or eliminate it all together. The anabolic effect of Recover-Me also leads to a more energy, endurance and vigor. It has also shown to increase muscle mass, resulting in the burning of fat tissue, but this will only happen if Recover-Me is used continuously for several months. Muscle growth is a slow process and moderate amounts will lead to improved overall health and fitness.

  • Why do I recuperate quicker after sports and suffer less from muscle soreness?

    The increased blood flow and vasodilation enhances the speed at which the body repairs itself, (hypertrophy). Muscle biopsies taken on the day after rigorous exercise show bleeding and disruption of the z-band filaments that hold muscle fibers together as they slide over each other during a contraction. While increased blood flow (vasodilation) does help remove ammonia and lactic acid from the muscle, as well as feed the muscle nutrition, the actual soreness is caused by microscopic tears in the muscle fiber, not caused by a build-up of lactic acid or ammonia.
    We suggest you train on one day repetitively to muscle burn, then back off and repeat this cycle 3-to-5 times and let the muscle rest for 3 days or one week. Only then increase the resistance if muscle volume and strength is desired.

  • Does Recover-Me help to intensify female orgasm too?

    Recover-Me improves circulation and thus also to the sex organs and has been found to help improve all functions in that region; erection as well the orgasm contractions.

  • My sex life has improved and my libido is stronger, why is that happening?

    The hormonal effects and the enhanced blood flow and thus nourishment of the extremities result in an overall slowdown of the aging process and increases stamina. Man but also woman reported intensified orgasms and libido.

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