Usage Questions

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the recommended usage?

    For the anti-aging effects and to support healthy blood pressure it is best to take to one scoop of Recover-Me at night as indicated. The amount of water and temperature is up to individual liking.

    In order to increase nitric oxide and amino acid intake some athletes report to have taken one scoop every 4 hours until recovery took place. Everyone’s body and needs are different and time use cycles will always vary as will the results. There is no danger in experimenting to find what gives you the best results.
    We recommend to stay on the night time protocol and then try any other cycle until you have found what works best for you according to the demands at that time. If you have placed greater than normal demands on your body it may be good to take it every 5-6 hours for a few days until your muscles have totally recuperated.

  • Can I take Recover-Me while taking medications?

    Those who are on blood pressure medication should ask their physician before consuming Recover-Me. We are not aware of any other medications to conflict with Recover-Me. We suggest you consult your primary health care provider if in doubt.

  • Can I take Recover-Me during the day?

    Yes, but to reap the anti-aging benefits we suggest to follow the nighttime protocol. Many people report positive effect taking it during the day. Daytime consumption does, however, not substitute for the nighttime regimen.

  • What is the best time to take Recover-Me?

    Any time, but to trigger the rejuvenating effects of Recover-Me we recommend to follow the Night time Protocol; to take it 2 hours after your last meal and a half hour before bed time with a small glass of water. Make sure to properly dissolve the product by stirring the water for up to 30 seconds. Best would be to use water at room temperature, as to not shock the internal organs.

  • Day time regimen; can I take Recover-Me during, before or after my work out?

    Yes, you can if you like the extra amino acids and energy. In that case we suggest you take it a half hour before the work out to let the ingredients actually be absorbed and do their work. Taking Recover-Me as a sport’s-drink will not give you as much of the rejuvenating effects the night time protocol does.

  • Can I take Recover-Me during pregnancy?

    Recover-Me contains ingredients that are complimentary to the body that also enter your digestive system, be it in small doses, through a varied diet. Therefore there is absolutely no reason to abstain from taking Recover-Me
    consecutively for long periods of time. That way you keep reaping the beneficial effects of Recover-Me.

  • Can I take Recover-Me before the long bone growth has stopped?

    We do not recommend that you take Recover-Me during pregnancy. It is commonly advised to abstain from products containing any form of active ingredients during that time.

  • I am over 60, am I advised to consume Recover-Me?

    Basically anyone over the age of 23 would do well taking Recover-Me, but if you have doubt over your particular medical condition we advise you to speak to your doctor or medical specialist.

  • Are there any instances at which de use of Recover-Me is not advisable?

    The active ingredients in Recover-Me trigger the release of Nitric Oxide (NO) in the blood which stimulates the immune function. During or after cardiovascular trauma or by those suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), the immune function is under stress and we do not recommend any manipulation or influence that has not been thoroughly studied. In individuals with a normal heart function and who do not suffer from (RA), the use of Recover-Me will be beneficial in many ways as previously described.

  • Can I take aspirin or anti-inflammatory at the same time or do I have to take them at a different intervals?

    Recover-Me does not interfere with Aspirin or any anti-inflammatory drugs.

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