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awarded for the discovery concerning nitric oxide as a signalling molecule in the cardiovascular system, by a renowned professor emeritus of organic chemistry. For quality reasons, Recover-Me is made in Europe, in a facility that meets the strictest regulatory guidelines. We use only the highest available pharmaceutical grade ingredients for consistent quality and complete customer satisfaction.

By taking Recover-Me  at night, the brain barrier is crossed,

allowing nitric oxide to be produced in the brain. Nitric oxide is a cell signalling molecule and facilitates communication between cells. In the nervous system, nitric oxide is a neurotransmitter involved in long-term memory and cognition. Cell renewal is also optimised. For the anti-aging and deep sleep effect we have added L-glutamine, which protects the stomach lining and is converted, in a delayed process, into nitric oxide.

Recover-Me is a formula that allows controlled conversion of the amino acids into nitric oxide.

Nitric Oxide does everything everywhere. You cannot name major cellular response or physiological effect in which Nitric Oxide is not implicated today. It’s involved in complex behavioural changes in the airway relaxation, beating of the heart, dilation of blood vessel, regulation of intestinal movement, function of blood cells, the immune system.” Dr. Jonathan S. Stamler Professor of Medicine Duke University Medical Centre

Recover-Me only uses ingredients that are scientifically proven to work well together.

Focus has always been on positive impact rather than creating an “impressive” label with a long list of ingredients. Mixing ingredients that are not scientifically tested in a blended form exposes the consumer to unwanted side effects or no effect at all. (Even if these ingredients are individually proven to be safe or effective to various levels).

Recover-Me is a unique blend of amino acids that maximises L-arginine absorption.

We use the right type of L-arginine, Pidolate, (the salt of L-arginine) which in combination with L-Lysine increases the absorption of L-arginine. Lysine and arginine should not be taken together if they are of the * L * form, because L-arginine and L-lysine compete for the same receptors. However, L-arginine Pidolate attaches to another receptor and allows an enhancing effect between the two.


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Why take Recover-Me?


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Some Benefits of Recover-Me

  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Anti-Aging
  • Deep Sleep.
  • General Recovery
  • Athletic Performance
  • Sexual Health
    Recover-Me has a unique composition of amino acids that provides your body with the right fuel to:

  • promote blood flow in the body,
  • regulate blood pressure naturally,
  • recover faster after an illness or surgery,
  • improve sexual health.
  • In addition, it also has many anti-aging properties.
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  • Stimulates the release of growth-hormone.
  • Advances cellular regeneration.
  • Improves immune-function.
  • Enhances cognitive ability.
  • Stimulates lean muscle mass.

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